Dental Hygiene Services in Broward

The majority of the residence of broward suffers from bad hygiene which happens to have a variety of causes including: hereditary. Hygiene can also cause us to feel uncomfortable wearing certain things like t shirts that easily show arm pit sweat. Gonzalez Dental Care Office happens to be well aware of these issues and are happy and ready to help solve them. No need to worry about expensive services because we guarantee great affordable services.


Finally the people of Broward have a dental office they can depend on, rather its dental or hygiene we welcome you to our great and affordable services. Hygiene doesn’t have to be your issue anymore because it’s not so easy to deal with on a daily. Imagine finally being able to go about your day without worrying about body odor, armpit sweat, or any excessive sweating. You’d finally find relief and that’s exactly why Gonzalez Dental Care Office happens to be the perfect dental clinic and best prices for you.

Dental Surgeon in Pembroke Pines

First impression is the key to any successful first meet, your teeth happens to play a major role within this process. Gonzalez Dental Care recognizes this importance and our practice performances shows this. Patients give personal testimonies based on what they expected and how the end results of our work surpassed that expectation. When you love what you do you bring fourth your best every single day. Our Surgeons has this love for what we do and that means we always bring fourth our very best. We ask our patients to ask every question that comes to mind because we don’t want our patients nervous or worrying about anything regarding their procedures.

The role of the Surgeons requires intelligence, patient awareness, trust, and confidence. These requirements have always been met by our surgeons simply because we want our patient’s to be a part of us for years and or decades. Our Surgeons look at our patients of Pembroke pines teeth like their apart of our family and want to do nothing but have them  healthy, looking their very best, and most importantly bring our patients happiness and relief.

Dental Office in Pembroke Pines

The people of Florida always find their way to Pembroke Pines because it’s such a beautiful city. As beautiful as this city is sadly enough most of the dental offices here are not what patients expect, but rest assure that you and your teeth can trust in Gonzalez Dental Care to bring you a mouth changing experience. Our practices here at Gonzalez Dental Care has been one of the city’s top nominated from not only clients living within Pembroke Pines, but all over Florida.

Patients have come in to us from all over not only Florida, but even places like Atlanta, Ga because they have witnessed some of their family, and friends who have been with Gonzalez Dental Care for years now. So our question to you is simple. Why search for the perfect dental care office when Gonzalez Dental Care is not only here for you, but also waiting on you? At the door from the time you arrive to the time you walk out of our office we will meet all your needs because we look at our patients problems as our own. Therefore you can rest assure that your problems and concerns will be no more.

Dental Clinic near me

We have all found ourselves saying are there any dental clinics near me and more important how great are their practices. Making the right clinic choice is something we can’t afford to choose wrongly. This choice can’t be undone because your teeth are unique and only a special dentistry can take the proper care of them. Any dentist who does procedures on your teeth has the chance to change DNA of your unique teeth structure so don’t make the wrong decision stop by Gonzalez Dental Care today.

We all long for the perfect teeth or mouth, even the team here at Gonzalez Dental Care. What this tells our patients is that we share their pain. Being that we share this pain we have took our time to learn how to bring teeth practices to perfection. So that pain our patients once had has simply been put to rest by our great work here. So there’s no need to travel to other cities in Florida that will most likely bring you a nightmare. Come in to Gonzalez Dental Care Office today. We are near you and for you.

Dental Clinic in Pembroke Pines

There are over hundreds of clinics including dental clinics in Pembroke Pines, but are they effective?  The clinic of Gonzalez Dental Care Office happens to be the most effective when it comes to affordable prices, great patient review, outstanding end results, and major dental problem solvers. Residents of Pembroke Pines have become long term patient of Gonzalez Dental Care and have brought friends and family who also are now patient of ours,


Witham every week our patients are referring people who are traveling from Pembroke Pines to places as far as Brikell, FL for dentist clinics and are not happy with the services they are receiving. When these patients come in and experience a day in our clinics they are smiling and excited to schedule their next appointment. We want you to come into our clinics today and see what brings everyone into our clinic and why they never want to leave. Don’t worry our clinic offers affordable prices. Including: teeth cleaning, deep teeth cleaning, wisdom teeth extraction, and other procedures. So people of Pembroke Pines worry no more.

Dental Care Clinics

We have all been to many Clinics and Florida that doesn’t really make the patient feel so welcome or even solve any of their problems. These Clinics also include Dental Clinics as well. Here at Gonzalez Dental Care we wake up in the morning looking forward to doing our best to our patients and their needs. So need to waste time going to clinics only concern is getting you out of their office. Gonzalez Dental Care look forward to getting our patients because when our patients come in our office we want you to feel like you’re in the care of family.

Could you count on one hand how many great clinics you’ve been too in Florida or Pembroke Pines? Well if you can’t Gonzalez Dental Care will be your number one and only one because we bring fourth strategic practices, patient care, and a welcoming office environment. Our patients find themselves coming into our office as frequently as possible even if it’s just to ask question they have regarding dental curiosities or recommendations for friends who are thinking about joining the Gonzalez Dental Care patient family.

Consultations for Wisdom Teeth Problems in Broward

Gonzalez Dental Care Office begins our wisdom teeth extraction with a consultation between our surgeon and our patient. During this consultation our surgeon will take a radiograph of your jaw to determine the right treatment plan for you. Also during the consultation process your surgeon will go over expectations such as: anesthesia and which will be the comfortable for you. No need to feel nervous because this consultations is designed mainly to prepare for your procedure. The relief of this procedure would ultimately be you able to say goodbye to the pain of wisdom teeth.


In Pembroke Pines a mass majority of residence has wisdom teeth problems and don’t even know where to start. We encourage you to not only start with us but also, stay with us. We offer our patients the most affordable prices unlike most dental offices. During our consultations we are listening and answering any of our patient’s questions and concerns with the procedures. Being that we are located in Pembroke Pines our patients won’t have to worry about driving miles and miles after a procedure like wisdom teeth extraction, because we know most patient want to make home as fast as possible and get rest. Gonzalez Dental Care Office is here for you and your dental needs. So start off with a consultations, and end up with the most effective of procedures including affordable wisdom teeth extraction.

Cleaning and Deep Cleaning of Teeth in Pembroke Pines

Cleaning teeth happens to be one of the most frequent dental appointments in almost every dental office in Pembroke Pines. The problems many patients have before finding Gonzalez Dental Care Office would be price points, and customer care. Patient find themselves discouraged when they walk into dental offices and have to wait a long time just to receive a not so good cleaning. We recognize these problems that many patients face and we encourage them to come into our office and be introduced to our great affordable services including both cleaning and deep cleaning of the teeth.


We guarantee that once you try our services you’ll be more than pleased because we offer our patients effective cleaning procedures that are affordable and take care of all their dental needs. Deep cleanings are probably one of the most effective cleanings but also happens to be one of the more expensive procedures depending on the state of your teeth. However, at Gonzalez Dental Care Office we have done our very best to provide patients with the most affordable prices when it comes to this procedure or any other dental procedure. Feel free to come into our office located right in Pembroke Pines and ask our team any questions you have regarding any procedures. Prices, or anything relating to dental needs, and services.

Deep Cleaning of Teeth in Broward

Broward happens to be a very busy city who also happens to be very popular with residence who need teeth cleaning and deep teeth cleaning. In most cases cleanings can be a simple process, where deep cleanings are a lot more complex. Deep cleanings are more complex due to the fact that most offices break the cleaning down into 4 cleanings which consist of multiple appointments. This process happens to be very effective however, patients should be aware of the choice they make when choosing their dental office. Gonzalez Dental Care Office offers the people of Broward affordable teeth cleanings and deep cleanings.

Our procedures will bring our patient a brighter smile, and healthier mouth. A healthier mouth means a long term partnership with our team and patient. For once the city of broward’s residence won’t have to travel miles and miles for deep cleanings because Gonzalez Dental Care Office has a office right here in the city of Broward. We offer you experienced Surgeons who are sure to bring your teeth to another level rather its regular teeth cleaning or deep teeth cleaning. All of our teeth cleaning services are extremely affordable and we guarantee you effective results. So feel free to walk into our office today.

Affordable Wisdom Teeth in Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines happens to be one of Florida’s high traffic cities. Lots of tourist have found themselves not only visiting but also moving into the city. Such high traffic causes a lot of new patients for dental offices and clinics. A lot of Gonzalez Dental Care Office’s patients complain to our team how they could never find affordable dental offices, especially when trying to extract wisdom teeth. We guarantee our patients will love our affordable prices and that they will recommend family, and friends after experiencing our great services.

No one should have to spend large lump sums of money for health problems including dental. The average wisdom tooth extraction have been known to be a pretty pricey procedure and a lot of pain. What Gonzalez Dental Care Office wants to offer the people of Pembroke Pines would be to take our patient through the wisdom tooth extraction procedure in the most comfortable matter they probably never even thought was possible, and at great affordable prices. Come in today and meet our awesome team and great prices made just for you.

Did you know that …?

For over 20 years Gonzalez Dental Care has been providing an exceptional service in the area of Pembroke Pines. We take great pride in providing professional service, excellent treatment, and the best quality materials with state of the art equipment. New patients are always welcomed at our office.

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