Could Your Oral Health Be Harming Your Heart?

We all know that health is a very important factor in our lives. What else do we need other than health? Did you know that the health of our entire body depends on our oral health? Do you have any type of oral health problem? If yes, then it is also a danger for your heart health. Oral health plays a vital role in healthy lives of people. Generally, oral health problems can include mouth and other pain i.e. facial pain, oral infection and sores and tooth problems. It has been shown that these problems can have a connection with the heart too. Oral and heart health are interrelated.

Does Oral Health Harm the Heart?

     Due to toxic substances such as tobacco and smoking, oral health is adversely affected. While no one can say that oral health will lead to a heart attack but we can say that oral health helps to improve your health. Thus, good oral health helps improve your health. The mutual factor in oral health and heart issues is inflammation. However, different studies have also found that people with periodontal disease have more risk of heart disease than those with good oral health. However, we can say that inflammation due to gum disease can trigger clot formation. These clots travel to the heart causing an elevation in blood pressure which, therefore, increases the risk of heart attack. One needs to have good oral health so there will be less of a chance of causing different health related problems. One can also prevent bad oral health by oral health study and prevent themselves from mouth and other oral infections.

Below are some points that show that bad oral health can harm the heart in several ways:

1. Both oral health and heart disease are caused by inflammation which harms the heart.

2. Gum disease itself is a risk factor for coronary artery disease.

3. Clogged arteries in the gums damage the health.

4. Bacteria enter the blood stream, elevate blood pressure and increase the risk of a heart attack.

     Thus, the effective way to have good oral and heart health is to prevent gums disease, having knowledge about oral health, having regular dental check-ups, getting professional cleanings, healthy eating habits and brushing twice a day, which is a very important factor so that there’ll be less of a chance of oral and dental problems, as well as less chance in causing other health related problems.

     Also, antibiotics prescribed by dentists should only be used for oral/ dental problems. Using them without a prescription can lead to unhygienic oral health. Preventing gum disease is a healthy way to keep not only your oral health, but also for preventing heart problems.

8 Interesting Facts about Your Teeth

A magician who could help people stay young forever would be no less than a god to people in this earth because no one wants to get older. Among all the reasons, being toothless would be a prime reason people would avoid getting older, if possible. I mean, who wants to lose their wonderful smile and facial beauty just because of their own teeth? We all know that teeth are an integral part of our body and help us chew our food but this is not all that one should know about their teeth. Read on to find some interesting facts about teeth:

  • Let me ask you one simple question, which is the hardest part of your body? If you answered bones or something else, you are wrong. As a matter of fact, enamel, which is on the top of your teeth, is the hardest part in your entire body. But be careful, it doesn’t mean you can try opening a bottle of beer with your teeth without breaking them.
  • Formation of the teeth starts right from the mother’s womb. However, it appears and becomes visible after 6-12 months of birth.
  • Similar to fingerprints, every person in this world has a unique set of teeth. And every human being has only two sets of teeth in an entire life time.
  • Apart from mouth cancer, there are also many diseases that are associated with your oral health which include diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.
  • Your mouth can be a home to over 300 bacteria if you have a cavity or a plaque in your teeth.
  • An average person brushes his teeth for 45-70 seconds (dentists recommend to brush at least for 2-3 minutes). And a person who brushes his teeth twice a day is supposed to spend 38 and half days brushing his teeth in his entire lifetime.
  • Sour foods are equally as harmful as sweets to the teeth. People who tend to drink more soda are usually found to have 62% more decay than others.
  • Because women are proud of their sparkling white teeth, an average American woman smiles 62 times in a day whereas an average man smiles only 8 times a day. A child in America smiles 400 times a day.

These facts must have helped you learn more interesting things about your teeth which you probably didn’t know. Hopefully now that you understand the significance of teeth and more about their proper care better than before you will take all the necessary precautions and give your teeth and gums the deserved amount of care for better oral health.

What is Tartar? 8 Tips to Control Tartar Buildup

Oral health has become one of the most important matters of health concern since it has been directly or indirectly related to other parts of the body. Thus, taking care of one’s teeth and oral health leads to taking care of one’s entire health. One of the major problems in oral health relates to tartar.
What is Tartar?
In simple terms it is a sticky, colorless deposit of bacteria that eventually forms on the gum surface. It then turns into plaque, and hardens in the gum line. This dental plaque is called tartar.
Despite taking precautions for their teeth, people still have dental problems. It is primarily because of the presence of bacteria that mix with food byproducts and proteins, to form a hard coat in the teeth. This is known as dental plaque which sticks to fillings in teeth and gum lines. Whenever you eat, the bacterium creates acids that damage tooth enamel leading to cavities and formation of tartars.
Tips to Control Tartar Buildup
1. On the top list of any dental care routine, proper brushing comes in at the top of the list. We all know that we should brush twice a day. Don’t brush just for formality; A few scrubs cannot properly remove plaque or tartar. Slowly brush with soft bristles for at least two minutes.
2. Research shows that spin powered and electric toothbrushes can remove and prevent plaque better than manual models. No matter what kind of brush you use, be sure that your brush reaches every nook and corner of your teeth.
3. Select suitable toothpaste with fluoride and antibacterial agents. This will prevent the formation of plaque and tartar to a greater extent. Moreover, fluoride whitens teeth by repairing damaged enamel.
4. Do you know how important a role proper rinsing plays in controlling tartar build up? If not then rinse as much as you can, aiming for after every time you eat. Brushing without flossing is incomplete and meaningless.
5. Of course, you can’t forget about your food and diet. Mainly, sugary and starchy foods can be exposed to bacteria that release harmful acids. Make sure to keep a healthy diet, and control the quantity of sugary food that you consume. It doesn’t mean you need to stop eating favorite sweets. Just keep in mind that you need to control tartar build-up in your teeth.
6. Dental research and studies have shown that smokers are more prone to tartar build up than non-smokers. To get rid of tartar, giving up the smoking habit is a must.
7. Visit dentists every six months regularly. Make sure your teeth are healthy. Get your teeth cleaned by dentists, if any tartars have started. Implement their suggestions to avoid any oral problems.
8. Many times, it is found that people use salt or baking soda or mixture of both with toothpaste while brushing can help control the plaque and tartar formation. You can apply this method too.
Prevention is far better than cure, right? Without any delay just follow the given tips to control tartar buildup. You don’t know how serious problem you will have to face, if not cared in the initial stage. Before tartars create any further problem, just take necessary actions to remove them.

Health effects of e-cigarettes

The replacement of tobacco cigarettes with e-cigarettes was a great idea to save people from the harmful effects of smoking tobacco. The use of e-cigarettes has been increasing rapidly day by day.  However, they come with many questions- “Are e-cigarettes harmful to health?”, “What are their health effects?” People have a misconception that e-cigarettes are harmless, but this is not true.

Well, e-cigarettes do have some negative health effects. These are highlighted below.

1.    Chance of drug addiction

Did you know that e-cigarettes have become a gateway to addiction to smoking and other drug addictions? It has been found through research that e-cigarette users gradually started smoking tobacco cigarettes. Many non-smokers, after trying e-cigarettes have become addicted to smoking. Many of them started to switch on to tobacco cigarettes slowly. Consequently, this will lead to various smoking and drug-related health hazards.

2.    Effects on children

Nowadays, e-cigarettes are available in more than a hundred flavors. The availability of e-cigarettes in different flavors such as strawberry, milkshake, pizza and others have attracted children towards smoking e-cigarettes. Many children under 18 are found to be purchasing and using e-cigarettes. Once they get addicted, it causes them to continue smoking as an adult. Strict rules to ban selling to children below 18 years of age, has been a matter of major concern.

3.    Cancer risk

Earlier this year, the New England Journal of Medicine found much higher concentrations of formaldehyde in e-cigarettes than in regular cigarettes, leading to five to 15 times the cancer risk. If the e-cigarette companies care about public health, they should welcome such research. Thus, e-cigarettes might lessen the chances of cancer than regular cigarettes. But they are not risk-free.

4.    Nicotine affects

People might not be aware that e-cigarettes also contain nicotine. Nicotine is the active ingredient in tobacco and makes up 0.15% to 1.23% of each cigarette. Meanwhile, nicotine levels in e-cigarettes vary from 0.6% to 5%. E-cigarettes with more or less presence of nicotine elements have bad health effects of lungs cancer, illness and other dangerous diseases.

5.    Pollution

Bystanders to smokers of e-cigarettes will have fewer effects than that of tobacco cigarettes. However, it is not completely risk-free to surrounding people. E-cigarettes also lead to air pollution. This, of course, leads to pollution-related disease and bad effects on health from the smoke produced from vaping e-cigarettes affecting the surrounding atmosphere.

The above points are some of the major effects of e-cigarettes. Like tobacco cigarettes, they too lead to various types of cancers, heart disease, illnesses and other health effects. The difference is that smoking e-cigarettes have far less effects than that of tobacco cigarettes.

On the whole, e-cigarettes help protect traditional cigarette smokers from health hazards when they switch. At the same time, they still have side effects to others. They are better than normal cigarettes, but not harmless.

Well Reviewed Dental Office in Pembroke Pines

Our Dental Office

Gonzalez Dental Care Office values the health of the people of Pembroke Pines, especially dental health. To better serve the city our office is located within Pembroke Pines. Our values have made us one of the few dental office who are well reviewed by the city and our patients. To hold the well-reviewed title every day our team must bring their very best for our patients and anyone thinking about becoming patients with us. There’s quite a few dental offices in Pembroke Pines but they are not well reviewed, and their patients aren’t very pleased with their services, and prices.


Our patients never have to worry about prices because we make our prices affordable, and we provide outstanding services and procedures. These are also many qualities that have made our office well reviewed. We believe when we provide our very best to our patients it brings endless opportunities for us such as more patient referrals, and office nominations. These values we share with our patient will never end so our patients will never complain of bad services. Look no further come into a well-reviewed dental office today. And experience the Gonzalez Dental Care Office, at an affordable price.

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Gonzalez Dental Care Office has been one of the top reviewed clinics in Broward.  Broward alone happens to be a pretty busy city and the people here are always searching for the perfect clinic. When residents find our clinic they share the news with anyone who has dental needs. We receive daily testimonials from our patients and they always remind our team why they chose us. Knowledge and great confidence are key element’s when not only listening to patients problems but also, solving them. These key elements have open the doors of becoming broward’s top nominated 1 and 10 clinics because of great patient reviews, outstanding end results, and affordable prices.


With being well reviewed and top nominated it takes a lot of hard work to maintain and our patient awareness has to stay at its very best because the city of broward is counting on us. This should bring our soon to be patients hope and comfort because they now know that our team has a lot at stake therefore we will always bring our “A game”.  You could walk into any clinic and experience amateur services however, Gonzalez Dental Care Office are here to save you from such an experience. Though our clinic has been well reviewed our affordable prices will never change nor will our great patient care.

Teeth Cleaning In Pembroke Pines

Teeth cleaning happens to be the most frequent reason why patients find their way into dental offices and/or clinics. Teeth cleaning happens to be very important to patients who love to smile or who does a lot of talking. Patients of Gonzalez Dental Care Office speak to our Surgeons on previous experience when getting their teeth cleaned. Sadly a lot of our patients aren’t so happy with their previous results. What we assure our patients are great results, a whiter smile, and affordable prices. No need to drive yourself miles away from your home. People of Pembroke Pines come into our offices located near you.

Think about your last dental experience and how far was it from where you reside. Most patients have traveled to downtown Miami. Or even Ft. Lauderdale. Not only are our patients driving pretty far for dental appointments but they are also being introduced to not so great teeth cleaning. Our team at Gonzalez Dental Care Office look forward to cleaning our patients teeth or any other dental need right here in Pembroke Pines, Fl. We offer our patients some of the most affordable in prices for major dental procedures which includes teeth cleaning.

Recommended Dental Office in Pembroke Pines

Gonzalez Dental Care Office has been one of the top 3 dental offices in Pembroke Pines. There’s a variety of dental offices however, there’s only a few who’s actually nominated throughout the city. Our patients find themselves recommending anyone including family to our office for any of their dental concerns and needs. This shows patients and people who are thinking of becoming a part of our patient family that our Surgeons really know how to take care of their patients, and that they can trust in us to bring fourth the very best when it comes to any dental procedure.

Our years of studies have made our office very successful and our patents very pleased. To  ensure that the people of Pembroke Pines will no longer have to worry about not seeing great results or not being able to be worry free because they are afraid of the end result from other dental offices. To be recommended throughout the city takes a lot of hard work and dedication and that’s exactly what our team has. We are dedicated to bring the people of Pembroke Pines powerful results that will show in their every smile, and an office dedicated to them located within Pembroke Pines. There’s no worry we can’t solve so come into Gonzalez Dental Care office and see why we have been the cities most nominated dental office.

Dental Surgeon in Pembroke Pines

First impression is the key to any successful first meet, your teeth happens to play a major role within this process. Gonzalez Dental Care recognizes this importance and our practice performances shows this. Patients give personal testimonies based on what they expected and how the end results of our work surpassed that expectation. When you love what you do you bring fourth your best every single day. Our Surgeons has this love for what we do and that means we always bring fourth our very best. We ask our patients to ask every question that comes to mind because we don’t want our patients nervous or worrying about anything regarding their procedures.


The role of the Surgeons requires intelligence, patient awareness, trust, and confidence. These requirements have always been met by our surgeons simply because we want our patient’s to be a part of us for years and or decades. Our Surgeons look at our patients of Pembroke pines teeth like their apart of our family and want to do nothing but have them  healthy, looking their very best, and most importantly bring our patients happiness and relief.

Dental Hygiene Services in Pembroke Pines

How many of your friends have been searching for a clinic or dental clinic in Pembroke Pines that has effective hygiene services? If you or anyone you know have been searching for this, look no more Gonzalez Dental Care Office has hygiene services just for you and they are both effective and affordable. Did we mention we are located right inside of the city of Pembroke Pines? So we are guaranteeing you not only will you no longer have to drive out of the city, or spend tons of money for hygiene services or any of your dental needs. Resident’s walk into our office every week from patient referrals who had been searching for hygiene services.


Hygiene happens to be something that has been a lot of the residents of Pembroke Pines major problems, especially when receiving the right hygiene services. We can finally offer this city great services that will take care of any hygiene issues. Along with hygiene services we offer our patients dental care services so think of Gonzalez Dental Care Office as a two and one office and clinic.   So rest assure not only will we solve your hygiene issues but also, dental needs such as: teeth cleaning, wisdom teeth extraction, and any dental needs.

Did you know that …?

For over 20 years Gonzalez Dental Care has been providing an exceptional service in the area of Pembroke Pines. We take great pride in providing professional service, excellent treatment, and the best quality materials with state of the art equipment. New patients are always welcomed at our office.

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